Get ready, get set, GOOOOOO!


Ready or not, the school year is upon us.  I have just over a week till I go back.  The dreams have already started, do you get them too?  I always get myself worked up and have a school related dream every night, and I don’t even know the kids yet.

My best advice is to be proactive.  I went into school this week and went through all my students files.  I recorded important information about them and I also looked at their reading assessments.  I made a quick spread sheet: BOY quick data.  It’s creates a starting point as you begin your assessments.

Beyond your room, the next thought lands on Open House night.  What do you need to have prepared?  Be proactive and make a PowerPoint that can scroll throughout the night.  Parents never come at the same time, and even though you request serious talks be held off until a conference can be scheduled, you still find yourself shoved in the corner with Billy’s parents telling you how active he is, or how no one understands how smart he is, etc.  Be organized by having your Getting to Know You and Your Child sheet , How is your child getting home sheet, volunteer opportunities, and various curriculum-related materials available.  If you have asked for items to be brought it, make sure there is room for it.  The last thing, and probably the most important, greet the student first and the parent second.  The students are truly where your work begins and ends, and their parents are along as passengers.

If you can get your hands on the curriculum, then start planning.  I plan a unit at a time, which goes much quicker than planning weekly.  And if you can share the load, then do it!  No need to reinvent the wheel.  If there is anyone out there that uses the Manatee County Roadmaps, 1st grade, let me know and I will share what I have.

My last piece of advice is to join Twitter and follow other teachers.  I have only been on Twitter for a couple days and I am amazed at what is out there without searching endlessly. The things that are timely are right at your fingertips. It is also nice to be in a community of people that like what they do and don’t mind sharing.  Follow me on Twitter @thegototeacher

Enjoy this time of year, I always find that it is a rush!

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  1. Very informative and well written. Way to go on supporting others on teaching our youth!! Good luck getting ready for an awesome year!

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