Can’t we all just get along?


Building your classroom into a community is vital for each one of those little bodies that walk through the door.  I surely do not like to be somewhere where I don’t feel comfortable, I didn’t like it as a kid and I don’t like it now.  Were you ever bullied?  Do you remember how it felt?  On the flip side, did you ever bully someone?  I still feel ill when I think of how mean I was to a girl at summer camp…I can’t forgive myself.

Get it going the first day and keep it up through out the year by supporting it with role playing, books, movies, picture prompts, charts, basically whatever you can think of that will be meaningful to your kids.

Here are some resources I use to promote a kind and safe classroom community:

I feel like the number one thing I do to promote a community of caring citizen is to set an example.  I come to school happy, and I continue to be happy.  I reach out to every student every day.  I form relationships with the students and their families.  I remember what is important to a child. I celebrate even the smallest of victories, I make the class all stop and I yelled it with my proudest voice, “Jaden wrote a perfect letter A.  He’s been practicing for a week.  I am so glad he didn’t give up.  What cheer would you like the class to do for you Jaden?” I am kind to the people I work with, even when they aren’t to me (well, being from the south, it’s ingrained…kill them with kindness).  When problems arise, I try to be calm and explain why this or that is not the best for our class.  I talk to the students, not at the students.  I laugh, joke, sing and dance my way through the day.  I let stuff go.  I can be heard saying, “It happened, it stunk, let’s move on and try to make our day the best it can be.”  Basically, I love what I do (not saying it isn’t hard though).

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