Primary students can blog!


On my class website, I have a blog of my own that helps me communicate what’s happening in our class with parents. I would like to think that parents frequent it often, but I know the truth…they really enjoy reading the student blog to see what’s happening.

Ever get in the car with your own kid and happily ask, “What did you do today?” and hear in return, “Nothing.”  I’ve got the cure for the Nothings.  Start a student blog in your classroom.  Have your kids on a rotating list of one kiddo a day.  Twenty minutes before school ends, send them to the computer to write about their favorite part of their day.  Sometimes I let them have a friend if they need the support.  I usually leave it just as they have typed it, errors and all.  They take pride in their day when they get to share it on the blog.  Parents respond and it is so cool to watch a kid’s face light up when he’s had 5 responses to his day.  It gets grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and more involved. They don’t even have to live nearby to enjoy.  (Which then adds another dimension to the learning you can do because it connects you to safe people all over the country.)

You can make class post too!  Ask the students to respond to a shared read aloud.  Have them write a math story problem.  Write a story and ask for parents to suggest endings.  The list of ways to use a student blog is endless.

This is a shared blog from my past first grade class and then another of a past kindergarten class:

  • POSTED AT 01:33 PM
We have been reading a chapter a day of The BFG. Here are our thoughts:Hunter: “I think that the giant was first going to be mean but he’s nice.”
Lacey: “He stole the little girl from the house and took her to his house and they are trying to find out about eating her.”
Juan: “The big giant didn’t make her go back to orphanage.”
Paris: “The giant took Sophie to the cave and then showed her where all the giants are from far away.”
Kyle: “If Sophie runs away then the giant will try to find her and then he will eat her.”
Anna: “The giants are fat and old.”
Jack: “The giant put Sophie on the stone and told her what was out there.”
Harmony: “The giant is a nice person but he’s skinny and old. He showed her that the giants will eat her up if they see her.”
Parker: “The giant is going to take her, when she is covered in the blanket she feels like she is flying.”
Cameron: ‘The story is really about a girl who gets taken away to live with a giant.”
Tyler: “His speech is really, really loud and high.”
Abbie: “His words are all funky.” “He has a million jars.”

  • POSTED AT 10:58 AM
We have been reading a chapter of Junie B. Jones everyday and we have learned some interesting things from her.Ava:  “She says bad words and we don’t say them.  We can teach her to say nice words.”
Lukas:  “She’s bad because she doesn’t get things her way.”
Tessa:  “In the first one, she really need to go to the bathroom.  The cops came.”
Alex:  “I learned from her that you don’t wait to go potty.”
Sam:  “She doesn’t like the bus so she stayed at school.  We can’t stay at school because you’ll get in trouble.”
Alexia:  “She does stuff that she’s not supposed to do.”
Santiago: “You can’t hide in the classroom.”
Dayton:  “She teaches lessons about being good and awesome.  Be nice to your friends.”
Kevin: “Nobody is allowed to run away.”
Brendan: “Your not supposed to hit someone without asking.”
Lauren: “She doesn’t raise her hand.”
Nathan: “No screaming.”

Junie B. sometimes doesn’t make the right choice.  Sometimes we don’t make the right choice.  We have been discussing Junie’s actions and our own and talking about how to fix them.

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