It All Adds Up


After viewing our school data over the summer, it was found that we need to really attack our math facts with our kids.  I got to thinking what else can I do to help them learn their facts?  My thoughts settled on getting different learning styles involved and making math active.

My curriculum starts with addition facts, so that’s where I started to.  I plan on having a math lesson for 30 minutes a day, and math centers for another 30 mins.  Luckily an hour was already built into my day.  I know some have time constraints and can’t get it all in, and I had went through that last year.  Here’s how I handle it:  I taught the lesson and if we finished early we went to centers.  The centers took a lot longer to get through but I still found them meaningful.

Jump to Add (zero facts)- Cut out facts and place in a bucket or basket.  Students will pull out a fact, say the fact, and jump to count and add.  Example:  “2+0 equals (jump, jump, stand still) two.”  Jump to Add


Birds in Trees- Cut out trees.  Students will use birds to work on the problems (birds are doves from wedding section at craft store). Then they will show their work by drawing the birds in the trees and solving the problem.  Birds in Trees


Step Up to Addition- Put your game piece on start.  Roll the die.  Find the nearest problem that equals the number rolled.  Continue on taking turns.  To finish, you must roll a 1 or 6. Then, write the addition facts that equals each number. Cut out the stairs and practice the facts. Step Up To Addition

Flexible Facts- Buy a cheap shower liner.  Split into four areas (or quadrants) and label: left hand, right hand, left foot and right foot.  Write addition or subtraction facts in each that equal 0-8.  Attach arrows to spinners.  2-4 players begin by choosing the person who will be the spinner first.  The spinner spins and calls out the plays for the other players (“Left hand, 8”). Players must move the correct body part onto a fact that equals the number called. Players rotate to take turns being the spinner. Flexible Facts

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