New Activities: Inspiration from Pinterest


I love, love, love pinterest.  The ideas and sharing capablitlies are endless with this site.  Teachers have great ideas, but only few are good at sharing them.  This is quick and easy….you pin a photo of something you like.  Your friends or followers can repin.  I keep it as a storage bank of things I want to make, use or modify.  Here are some of the things I worked on this weekend!

  • The students lay the playing mat onto the cookie sheet and spin their top.  Whichever problem it lands on the student must solve and graph the sum.  There are two playing sheets 1-6 and 7-12:  Spin and Graph, Addition
  • Again students lay the playing mat (this time incorrect sentences) and spin their top.  They must read the sentence it lands on and decide what is wrong with it (Does it make sense? Does it sound right? Does it look right).  Then they must write the sentence in that column.  They must select a few to correct.  Spin and Monitor

The ideas for this one are endless: sight words, facts, vocabulary words, character and setting for writing, punctuation, etc.

3. Roll a Sentence, the students will roll the three dice and record the words on the corresponding lines within a sentence.  Then they will read and figure out if it makes sense, sounds right and looks right: Roll a sentence

4. Bunches of Beads, get cheap ice trays and adhere stickers with facts at the bottom.  The students will add beads to figure out the problem and will record on their sheet:Bunches of Beads, Addition

5. Use for addition or subtraction facts.  Adhere monsters onto plastic cups.  Write facts on popsicle sticks for the students to sort: Monster Math

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