Beginning of the Year Move = More Organization


After the first week of school, I moved classrooms.  Same kids, just different rooms.  You all know what that means…the process of figuring out a new room.  Where should everything go?  What areas of the room should be used for what?

So here are a few new pictures of somethings I have changed:

1. Picture from the door.

2. Back of the room.

3. Front Board

4. Picture from my desk

5. Student Tables, black bin is a table trash can, laundry basket is where they store their book bags, and yellow caddy holds all supplies.

6. Reading Area

7. Book Partnership storage area

8. I have so many big books, my two containers just weren’t enough so I used a shelf and 4 l-brackets to create another storage place for big books.  

10. Shelves under the windows.  Window ledge holds partnership baskets and leveled partner books (from the basal and Scholastic). Green baskets are people and animal fiction stories, the red are book series and the green are themed books.

11. Easel for teaching.

12. Better view of partnership books.

13. The left bookcase is our non-fiction library and the right shelf is our leveled library for independent reading.

14. Small group area with posters for support.

15. Book cover seat sacks to hold whisper phones.

16. Behind small group area.  Small baskets are mentor books organized by comprehension strategy.  The bigger baskets are for my four groups to organize materials and books.

17. Bucket fillers!
18.  Entry Area with mailboxes to the left, book shopping bins(they take two home a night) and other storage items.

19. Focus wall, I bought three lined laminated posters and cut them in half.

20. Superstar Writers use…

21. The Word Herd.

22. Math Board

23. Favorite read aloud books.




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