Cleaning up the Math Area :)


I quickly hung up the things in my math area without much thought (well I did move it all in and decorate on a Friday night during the school year).

I really didn’t like the work of it, and I certainly didn’t like how it worked for our class.  So with a few dollars I spruced it up!

It took a little ribbon, a few cheap frames (from the Dollar Tree), and a hot glue gun.




Addition Math Experts, numbers 0-10 listed with a card next to it.  Weekly, I give a Math Challenge, we are still on addition.  The Math Challenge is all of the addition problems with that number up to 10 (0+0, 0+1, 0+2, etc.).  On Monday, I write all the problems randomly on chart paper and they come over one by one.  If they get them all their name goes up as an expert.

The process:

Cheap Frames

Put in the paper (see below for my PDF).

Glue on the card stock label with a glue gun.

Glue the ribbons onto the back and glue together with cute stars.

PDFs for the frames: Calendar Math

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