The Write Stuff


**New** Writing Paper, using the clouds, fence, grass, and dirt to use to give students directions where to start the letter and how to form them.  (i.e.  T = Start at the sky and pull a straight line down to the grass, cross at the sky): Writing Paper

I love the excitement the students show at this time of year!  They have so many stories and information to share.

We have been working on fiction and will continue to do so for the next month.  We are also making sure that others can read our writing.  An idea I saw from Pintrest, Use Your Writing Glasses, seem to be a cute reminder to students to Use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, lower case throughout the sentence, use punctuation, make sure to make sense and use spaces.  I changed it up for my classroom to be Super Star Writers.  Here is a pdf for your use: Use your Writer’s Glasses

Getting into Narrative Writing with a problem and solution is my favorite writing time!  It makes the students feel like authors because we see a certain pattern in most books and then they are doing the same with their own ideas.  Here is a graphic organizer that I use to help teach story telling: Realistic Narrative GO

Here are some other goodies I use:

Writing Process – Posters with pictures.

Roll a sentence – Does it make sense?

Character and setting

Details, details, details worksheet

Creating a Character

Here are various rubrics and word sorts to help support writing time:

New Rubric

First Grade Writing Rubric.q.4

Unit 1 Word Wall Sorts

Unit 2 Word Wall Sort

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