Festive Fall Fun


This is my favorite time of year!  Living in Florida we finally get a break from the heat and we all love to celebrate with fall activities.

Here are some activities I’ve created for this time of year:

To_Make_a_Scarecrow_Book This is a fluency book in which the student reads the sentence part by part so that when they come to the full sentence they can read it perfectly.

Spooky Sight Words, Spooky Sight Words recording form  In this game, the students pull Fry’s sight words out of a cauldron, read them and use them in a sentence.  If they can do all that, they color in a section of a beaker.  The person with the most wins.  Then they must write the words they know.

K-Halloween_Sentences_and_words, 1-Halloween_Sentences, 2-Halloween_Passages  This game is for fluency as well, but more for expression and character voices.  The students select a sentence and read with the voices (pictures shown at the end).  If they can do that they get one point and the opportunity to throw a bean bag in a plastic cauldron for a section point.

Squirrely_Sounds,  Pumpkin_Patch_PhonemesPumpkin_Patch_WordsFall_Rhyme_Time   Made to use with Kelly’s Kindergarten games Picking Pumpkins, Squirrel Sounds, Raking Rhymes http://kellyskindergarten.com/Games/GamestoMake/games_to_make.htm

Harvesting Fall Syllables  Sort fall words by syllables.

Pumpkins Blends  Make words by placing a blend in front of a word family chunk.

CVC Pumpkins Create CVC words.

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