When is it time to let go of all the stuff?


We as teachers buy so much stuff with our own money, so at times it’s really hard to let it go.  I fall victim to this because you never know what you might need.  Today I grab the bull by the horns and said, “Enough with all this stuff!” 

First, I think you need to have a list of items you would never get rid off.  My list tops and ends with books, they are just too precious to let go.  All the other stuff is negotiable.

Things to go: organizational items that just don’t work for you, outdated posters (other grade levels, subjects), outdated teacher books (again other grade levels, subjects), bulletin board items, games that haven’t been touch in 2 years, files (do it…go through your dreaded filing cabinet), anything broken that you just know you are going to fix soon, old workbooks (great treasure box item), old scissors (they bring in new ones each year), projects that you have been holding onto that you have never gotten around to…

View your stuff like your closet.  If you haven’t touched it in a year than really question whether you need it.  Would it be better in the hands of a new teacher or student?

Clean space = clean mind!

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