Differentiating Comprehension


Thinking about our reading is so important.  As a class we do our thinking together and I gradually release it to the students.  I have found that after the whole process some students are able to continue to do it on their own in our center called Read and Track Thinking but others need more support.  Keeping the students in mind that need a bit more I made the follow think sheets.

Retelling:  A snapshot of my book

Story Elements: My Story

Connections: Thinking about my book

Some students naturally think about a story.  Others are so busy decoding that their thinking doesn’t come right away.  I realized with those students I needed to get a bit more basic until they are ready for more.

The following think sheet was based off of a main idea lesson by Brandy Tackett and Kate Nordstrom, two brilliant teachers that I have the pleasure to work with.  I just changed it to fit my primary needs: Main Idea

Here are my other think sheets:

 Background Knowledge, New Learnings and Questions


 Important events in a story

 PostIt, Reminds me

 Sticky Note Retell

 Sticky Note, Tracking Our Thinking

  Text Features Examples

 Prior Knowledge

 Character Chart

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