Math Fact Ideas


Our first grade curriculum is a whole lot of addition and subtraction.  I continue to invest time in making activities that I think the students will enjoy during centers so that we keep our love of math!

Here are a few ideas to pump  up your math time!

  • Have you ever considered a math fact password/code to get in and out of the classroom?  The math fact is posted inside the room and outside.  The students whisper in your ear as they go in and out, and you are there to giving helpful hints if needed.  Math Code
  • While students wait in line give them a math fact, come back if they need to try again.
  • Make use of fun objects as manipulatives.  My students love when I bring in cars, beads from broken jewelry, plastic cocktail stirrers, coffee beans, cookie cutters, old buttons….well, just about anything!
  • Always play a game yourself before expecting them to play, it will help you find flaws.
  • Spin, subtract and color:  I saw 4-pack spinners in the Dollar Tree.  I bought 2 packs and got started.  I numbered them either 1 or 2.  On all the 1’s, I increase the number to teens by adding a one before the number (Differentiate by making higher numbers).  I left the 2’s alone.  This is a quick, easy and cheap game to make!  Spin, Subtract and color
  • My math centers are Facts, Sort, Movement, Game and Computer.  This allows the students to apply their knowledge multiple ways and works to meet all learners.
  • I work with a group during center time.  Allow your students to be the experts and help the other students when needed.  You will be amazed at how much they know. Math Expert
  • Get up and move!  Get yourself a beach ball, take the class outside and get into math.  Throw the ball to a student, give a math fact, have them throw it to another student.  There are many variations but sometimes you have to try something a little different.
  • Have a chart of different ways to solve….different students need different strategies!

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