This blog was set up for me to easily share the items I’ve created.  You will find that they are primarily primary activities with a focus on first grade.  They are all PDFs, just click, and print.  If you need any other directions, just let me know 🙂

I hope that you find this useful and that your students enjoy the activities.

My background: After one year teaching 3, 4, and 5 grade writing, I realized that I am a primary teacher.  I taught K, 1, and 2 reading for 3 1/2 years (through Project CHILD).  In the middle of last year, I made a hard decision to switch schools and focus on first grade (my first time with all subjects).  I LOVE my new position and first grade.  The school I am at now, Oneco Elementary in Bradenton, FL, has done the best job at educating their teachers through book studies and other opportunities.  I love learning and I’m excited that it is promoted so heavily.  My other job is as a freelance writer for The Mailbox- First Grade.

This (the blog) all started because I like to share but also because I feel that at times teachers can be protective of their ideas.  There has been so many times that I share endlessly to get nothing in return.  Also, I have spent hours on the internet looking for quality work that will keep my students engaged and the results aren’t alway impressive.

I really love Beth Newingham, Laura Candler and Kelly’s Kindergarten…they helped me survive my first couple years.


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